Our mission:
converting paper to a corrugated board box or tray

The corrugator is equipped with 2 Modul-Facer for producing top quality in single and double corrugated board. According the customer’s requirements we follow the trends of the reduction of paper weights and more recycling paper. High productivity and technical availability insure an effective paper usage, reduction of waste, reduction of energy and glue consumption.
Minimised manual intervention is carrying the piles of board to the converting machines. Using of reporting and analyzing tools insure a constant board quality.

Availability of the wide range of machines and tools gives us a large scale of flexibility in our production facility.

Conveyors and turning units leads the piles of corrugated sheets board in optimal conditions to the entry point of the convertor to guaranty a 5-colour high quality impression and varnish and a perfect cutting process of our corrugated board box or tray.

The finished goods are carried by conveyors and pivoting units to a fully automated pallet loader. After the center-pose the goods will be transported to the warehousing and transporting unit.

We have a large number of high-quality die-cutting converting machines, for flat or rotary die-cutting. Thanks to our state of the art machine park, Flexo printing is even possible in High Definition.